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30 Mar 2014 - The Fundraiser!

So, I am trying to cover all my bases. Now that we are back from vacation and all mostly better for the colds that blew through here, I am cracking down on all the fundraiser stuff I've fallen behind on!
For anyone that may be interested, the fundraiser will be on April 27, from 11am - 4pm at Fiddler's Green Pub (8294 Centre St NE). You can buy a ticket for lunch, which will include pizza, pop, and a raffle ticket for $10, or you can just show up and have a beer while you partici

26 Mar 2014 - Gratitude

Anyone here keep a gratitude journal?  And do you write in it at least twice a week, here is a challenge for everyone for the month of April:  keep the gratitude journal, write in it, email yourself, find a gratitude app on your phones, cheap coil notebook.

The point of the exercise is to commit to a gratitude journal for at least twice a week, lets see if any positive changes start to happen in our lives.  No need to share excerpts unless you feel comfortable doi

16 Jan 2014 - Dream Investigations.

  Because the subject of the Father Lacombe Centre came up recently on FB it reminded me of how much I would love to investigate here.

"Lacombe Home was built in 1910 for the aged and orphans—two groups Father Lacombe identified as destitute and in need of community support and care.'

  This I fo

15 Jan 2014 - Saints

For people that believe in Saints, they feel that praying to a certain saint will bring them different outcomes, depending on who they pray to. When I was kid and I would lose something my mom would always tell me to say a prayer to St. Anthony and he would help me find it. My Grandfather loved St Francis, because he had a love for animals. I'm not actually religious, but I tell my son to say a little prayer to St. Michael when he's afraid. He says, "St. Michael bring me strength,

This article was super interesting. There is a world we cannot explain.
Drunheller's Guided Ghost Walk Tour is looking for people to run the tour evenings at 8ish in the downtown area. It would be for the months of June - September. If you are interested contact LOTHAR at
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